What will you build when you build your modular data center?

Reduced carbon footprint. Lower costs. Streamlined construction process.

Modularity, scalability, time and moneY

Are you planning to build an edge, regional or hyperscale data center? Or to scale an existing data center? Whatever the case, with a modular data center the benefits go on building.

When time is money, staying on schedule, minimizing delays and meeting – or beating – deadlines can mean the difference between problems and solutions, success and failure, profit and loss.

Building a modular data center helps you to maintain better control of your schedule in the short term. And can lead to long-term benefits such as a reduced carbon footprint and lower costs.

So where does building your modular data center start?.

eBook Modularity and Scalability

The key to data center generator performance – in an eBook

Modularity and scalability are the key to generator performance in the dynamic data centers of the future. But successful modularity is the sum of many parts, including

  • In-house expertise
  • CAD and 3D modelling
  • One-stop-shop manufacturingRepeatable build quality and technical performance.

Choose Kohler for your modular data center new-build or scaling project, and you can expect all these capabilities, and more.One point of contact and project lead will give you access and accountability from design and assembly, to test, shipment, installation and commissioning of your ‘plug and play’ data center generator or modular data center solution.

Your modular data center solution – in numbers

From the 1-stop-shop to a $6,000,000+ investment, discover the numbers that add up to a versatile, scalable, modular data center solution from Kohler.

Genset engineering – in PODS

Kohler Power Optimized Design Solutions (PODS) enable the use of the highest power generators without compromising on installation or maintenance. These walk-in containerized generators utilize an innovative modular design, which fixes onto an external slab, with all options already connected and tested. So installation is quick and adaptable.

More to discover – in our blogs and articles

Our latest blogs and articles take you deeper into the story of the Kohler one-stop-shop approach to modular data center construction, and choosing the best data center generator for the job – whatever the scale or constraints:

The key to generator performance is modularity and scalability. The key to those capabilities is Kohler. Unlock the modular data center solution that meets all your requirements. Contact Kohler now.