KOHLER Training Centre

The role of KOHLER's training centre is to pass on to our distributors and customers the knowledge needed to install, start up, use and maintain our generating sets. 

Training sessions for the maintenance and use of KOHLER-SDMO generating sets and energy power plants

At our Brest site, a 600 m² building is dedicated entirely to this purpose. In addition to 3 classrooms and a conference room, the training centre is equipped with a mechanical workshop and test bench for the use of trainees.

The sessions are run by professionals who are trained in our concepts of energy management, benefit from extensive practical experience, and have the use of simulators to reproduce any configuration, from standard setups to those of specific installations. Each course is designed internally and the programmes are organised by theme and level to ensure they are suited to each individual’s skills and objectives. Whether the training is mechanical, electrical or general (use and maintenance), our training centre provides attendees with the knowledge and skills they need.

Each year on average, and for the last 10 years, the KOHLER Training Centre runs almost 2400 days of training and receives over 640 trainees*.

For details of our technical training service, please contact us by email at KPS-Training-EMEA@Kohler.com

* The KOHLER Training Centre is an accredited body, allowing companies to attribute their employees’ training fees to their training budget.