Industrial generating sets

Standard generating sets from the KOHLER Power Products range provide all your electricity requirements between 7.5 and 4,200 kVA.

Groupe électrogène industriel insonorisé en environnement extrème

Designed for industrial users, they cover a wide field of applications and offer a vast range of options and retrofitting to fully meet the requirements of all configurations. They provide, as needed, back-up power or a continuous electricity supply. In highly sensitive sectors, the solutions guarantee continuity of electricity supply to counter any outage or instability affecting the mains supply. 

In isolated areas without mains electricity, KOHLER generating sets provide a continuous, reliable and safe power supply. Depending on the environment, they can also be configured for optimum noise levels. Soundproofed industrial generating sets therefore offer back-up power combined with user comfort in terms of noise pollution, via strict compliance with applicable noise standards.

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To find out which Power Products industrial generating set is best able to meet your power requirements, download the Sizing Program function and construct your power solution.

Create customisable documents with ease and run your technical specifications file using Spec Editor. Lastly, you can gather all the detailed technical information about KOHLER  industrial generating sets from the product catalogue (data sheets, plans, emission certificates, maintenance manuals, derating, etc.).

Construct your energy solution via the secure Engineering Tools portal. Discover all the specifications of each KOHLER  industrial generating set in the Power Products catalog. Using the Sizing Program function, produce your technical specifications via Spec Editor.

Groupe électrogène industriel Power Products pour les lieux isolés