Expertise at the service of bespoke solutions

Focussing on a single industry and supported by its historical know-how in the generating set sector, SDMO Industries exploits its full range of expertise to produce bespoke energy production plants.

KOHLER SDMO Power solutions

Meet the most demanding of specifications 

With the professionalism of our engineers and technicians in the Design Department, their in-depth understanding of constraints on the ground and the ability to incorporate the customer's requirements within our solutions, energy plants produced by KOHLER-SDMO are able to meet the most demanding of specifications.

An accurate answer to your needs

The customer's need of energy is scrupulously investigated in order to deeply understand the issues and strict constraints. If necessary, our technical teams can even help you to define your specifications. 

KOHLER SDMO energy power plants
Power Solutions : energy power plants

Develop the most appropriate solutions

Following comprehensive evaluation and feasibility assessment employing the most specialised of resources, the most appropriate solutions are developed to meet all specified requirements. .

Optimum performance conditions

Subsequently, the Engineering Department proposes its bespoke solutions: turnkey energy production plants that fully meet the initial demands combined with optimum performance conditions.

Power Solutions : turnkey power plants