KOHLER-SDMO generating sets: military applications

 As part of their general and public service duties, the French Army has at its disposal KOHLER-SDMO multi-purpose generating sets.

Groupes électrogènes pour applications militaires

Indispensable for the running of a mobile hospital or supplying support units and computer systems in military camps with electricity, our generating sets are also fitted in command vehicles, reconnaissance vehicles, personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles. 

The importance of a reliable source of electricity, as provided by KOHLER-SDMO generating sets, is crucial in a sector with the highest of demands. The military sector has relied on KOHLER-SDMO for its power solutions for decades, thanks to its ability to provide the required level of quality and reliability. 

The diversity of KOHLER-SDMO product configurations means that there is always a solution to the problems on the ground caused by the variety and complexity of the environment. Whether soundproofed generating sets, portable sets, mast lighting columns or bespoke power solutions, all our products are perfectly suited to the requirements of the military sector. The depth of our range in terms of power output offers a wide spectrum of solutions, regardless of the initial request.