Special Projects

COPPER MINE IN CHILI 5 X 2200 kVA (50HZ) MTU engines

2.5 MW transformer, with 36 kV insulation added outside. Medium voltage room including five 36kV insulated withdraw able breakers installed inside a container; final working voltage 23kV.


Power plant used to relieve part of the mine daily energy needs as well as automatically relay the mains in the event of a power outage. Kerys commanders to provide temporary or permanent synchronization with the mains.


  • High altitude location required specific adjustments to the generators
  • Mine safety standards had to be respected (high voltage containers and cables entries were modified)
  • Medium tension room was extended with additional container

    POWER PLANT IN VENEZUELA 12 X 2875 kVA - MTU engines (total 15 MW)

    Generators inside 40” containers including step up transformers 13.8 / 0.48 kV fuel tank 500L with automatic filling, double doors on each side of the container for easy maintenance of the units, control panel accessible inside and outside the container, fire detection system and solar heating protection on the roof.


    Power plant designed to operate in base load (24h/7d) to supply power to the main. Each generator synchronizes individually with the main busbar.


    • High temperatures required the addition of heating protection systems on the roof of the container
    • The configuration of the power plant allows the addition of more modules (generators in containers) to increase the supply of power in the future

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