5Oct 2015

A SDMO dual-fuel generator installed in Haiti

Last year, SDMO installed via its local distributor Valerio Canez, a dual-fuel genset in a factory in Haiti, which in 5 years has become the market leading pasta producer in Haiti.


It increased its production infrastructures by constructing a new wheat mill, a RO-RO platform for the direct supply of raw materials for its pasta production plant and a packing unit. It also requested SDMO to build a heat recovery unit to power the factory's hot water system to air dry the product, an air-cooler roof outlet, a silencer, an installation kit and perform commissioning.

The factory is not connected to the grid and relies on generators for power generation. A dual fuel system enables a genset fitted with a diesel engine to run on natural gas. SDMO is a pioneer in this technique that allows reducing operating costs. To answer the ever increasing client’s energy demand SDMO’s dual-fuel generator was the best solution.

The 40-tonnes hybrid A2500U genset was installed in a building constructed in accordance to the plans of SDMO’s Installation Engineering Department and in compliance with the new anti-seismic standards of Haiti. Equipped with a medium-speed ABC* engine designed to operate on a mix of 8% fuel oil (start-up) and 92% gas (combustion), this genset is fitted with a starting system by injection of compressed air at 30 bar.